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    There are six barangays in the city which are located at the hilly southwestern portion of the city with an elevation of 600 feet above sea level. The northwestern portion which covers five barangays has an elevation of 450 feet to 500 feet above sea level. One of the barangays is located in the southwest while another in the northwest and west.

                Level to moderately rolling areas (zero to eight percent) which is endowed with good soil characteristic are favorable for urban expansion while strong hilly to mountainous areas with percentage of 50% and over are hilly and prone to soil erosion. This is generally not favorable for urban development and agricultural production. The barangay covers are Kiotoy, Mabunao, San Roque, Buenavista, Katualan and Sta. Cruz with total area of 3,688 has or 13% of the total land area.

                Areas with slope range of 18-50% covers about 4,109 hectares or 16% of the total land area. These are found in barangays Consolacion, Malativas, Kauswagan, Cacao, Waterfall and Katipunan. Gently sloping or undulating areas with a slope range of 8-18% comprise merely 2,203 hectares or 9% to total while gently level areas with slope of 0-8% accounts the biggest percentage of 62%, equivalent to 15,643 hectares of total area.

    Table 3:Slope Classification, 2014


    Slope Range (%)



    0 - 8

    Level to nearly level


    8 – 18

    Gently sloping or undulating


    18 – 50

    Moderately sloping or rolling


    50  - Over

    Strongly hilly to mountainous


          Source: CLUP, 2009-2019


    Panabo City is Located along Daang Maharlika (Pan-Philippines Highway) and is situated between two major cities, Davao City and Tagum City.

    By LAND, you can reach Panabo City from Davao City via Davao-Butuan, Davao-Mati, and Davao –Tagum bus routes. Other public vehicles such jeepneys, vans and metered taxicabs are also available. It is 32 kilometers or approximately 45 minutes away from Davao City and 28 kilometers or 30 minutes away from Tagum City.

    By AIR, The Davao International Airport has numerous local and international airlinrs flying into Davao. From the airport, you can either take a metered cab, van or jeepney going to Panabo City or via Tagum City or Mati City.

    By SEA, Panabo City is accessible through the Sasa port of Davao City. From Davao City you can choose among the numerous public vehicles to bring you to Panabo City.


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    City Mayor's Office

    2F City hall, Nat'l H-way, JP Laurel, Panabo City

    Davao del Norte, Philippines

    Tel. No. (084) 628-5284 |822-2179



    City Tourism Office

    3F City hall, Nat'l H-way, JP Laurel, Panabo City

    Davao del Norte, Philippines

    Telefax No. (084) 822-7455 |822-0287



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